No Rules. State Your Style


Welcome to Jay Jays, where mastering the art of an awesome wardrobe is so simple.
We don’t care if your shoes match your dress or if those skinny jeans clash with your neon hair. Freedom of expression is king and we celebrate it by bringing you the coolest fashion so you can be who you are, mix it up and wear what you love.

Young at heart, wild and bold
Your style isn’t just a choice, it’s a culture – and at every Jay Jays clothing store in South Africa, we’ve got the gear to express your vibe. Slick urban threads for guys and clothes that make girls’ hearts go BOOM, plus all the extras you need to create your own iconic look. So whether you’re into graphic tees, colourful jeans, rock ‘n’ roll hoodies, drool-worthy dresses or accessories that ooze attitude, dressing with us means YOU choose your look.

We’re a one-of-a-kind fashion retailer in South Africa and we’ll never stop offering clothes and accessories that rock your world. You’ll find our stores in all your favourite shopping hubs and best of all, we’re easy on the pocket! So even if you’re the type that changes five times a night, all our stuff is totally accessible NOW.

And with our new SA website, we’ve made it easier than ever for you to find out about our fashion-forward label. Check out our culture and see our favourite picks. Who knows, you could even start a career with us!

Everything you need to be the swankiest kid on the block is right here. No matter your shape or size, who you are or how you wear it, with Jay Jays you’re authentic from top to bottom.

Your vibe, our clothes. Own It.


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